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Sewage on bathroom floor

Storm causes sewage backup

After a heavy rainfall, a local business suffered a sewage backup in their store washroom.  We quickly came in, cleaned all of the contaminants and got it back to "Like it never even happened."

Workers in white suits cleaning factory walls

Is this the new normal?

We at SERVPRO of Milton and North Oakville have the equipment, the expertise and the protocols for being your trusted source for Covid-19 cleanup.  

This pandemic is bringing time of such uncertainty to the table.  Let us help to take some of that stress away, knowing that we are just a phone call away.

If your home or workplace gets news of a confirmed case, give us a call to get the area disinfected and put your mind at ease.

"Like it never even happened."

Don't hesitate! Call us today! 


Bathroom ceiling with fire damage

Bathroom fan mishap

A house fire is one of the most tragic things that can happen to your home.  I, for one, would have never thought that a bathroom fan could pose such a risk.  

When a family was out doing errands on a frigid fall afternoon, they came back to find their home in a smoky blaze, due to a wiring issue with their bathroom fan.  Although only the bathroom itself suffered damage from the flames, the rest of the house suffered smoke damage-some of it beyond repair.  

We would like to reiterate how important having trustworthy contractors- such as electricians, to avoid having to encounter such an event.

If you need help and have suffered any sort of a fire loss, do not hesitate to give us a call to help you get through these tough times.

SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville


"Like it never even happened."

Computer technology board

Don't judge electronics by their covers

When a lightning storm hit a chicken barn in Caledon, Ontario, all seemed fine.  Nothing visibly wrong!

Little did they know, anything electronic was fried from the inside.  A computer board from the chicken barn was just 1 of many items that needed to be replaced.  

Moral of the story- Just because something doesn't look broke, doesn't mean its not.

Person cleaning exterior of air duct

Keep your business looking its best!

After tirelessly trying to find someone to come and clean the rafters and exterior of the air ducts in this hair salon, all it took was one call to SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville, and not even a day later, this business was looking sparkling clean and had very happy owners.  Years of build up from everyday salon use was wiped away and disinfected so that this business could open its doors to its customers and feel as fresh as the new do's they were rocking after after their appointments!

Handshake between a judge and a new Canadian in front of a crowd

Citizenship Ceremony

Our very own Anthony was sworn-in as a Canadian citizen. Pictured here is Anthony shaking hands with the judge in front of 104 other new citizens + guests.

We are so happy to be part of your journey.

basement with drywall cut out and flooring removed

Silent and stealthy

Do you smell something? Sort of a musty smell?  I'm sure it is nothing to worry about....or is it?  This family called us in to see if we could find any mould in their basement, since they started smelling a musty odour.  Little did they know, the basement window was not properly sealed, and the entire basement has water under the floor boards and behind the walls.  What seemed to be just an innocent smell that just needed some attention, turned out to be a complete basement demo.  Everything is not always as it seems to be! For any water or mould remediation needs, give us a call!


hallway with fire damage

When there is no light at the end of the tunnel

One of the biggest devastation in life, apart from losing a loved on, is losing your home.  House fires are heartbreaking.  Not only are you losing your safe haven that you go to at the end of a long day, but also your childhood photos, your sons first teddy bear, the quilt that your grandmother made you as an anniversary present.  House fires can't always be avoided, but you can take steps to lower the risks and keeps important keepsakes safe.  Practicing fire drills with your family, and getting fire retardant safes are just 2, to name a few.  SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville is here for you, to help salvage as many things as possible in the case of a loss.  It is also up to you, to take precaution to minimize the loss in the worst case scenario.

Wall with drywall torn off, studs showing

It's what you DON'T see

This families home had a musty smell coming from the basement.  From the looks of it, with drywall still in place- there was nothing wrong!!  We used our moisture meter and found that the moisture was off the charts underneath the window!  We then proceeded to pull off the drywall, and we were shocked by just how much mould and water was hiding behind the perfectly painted drywall.  Turns out that this seemingly harmless musty smell came with the realization that the entire basement was water damaged, including joining rooms and vinyl flooring and framing studs.  It is so important to make sure that your windows are properly sealed and installed by a professional!

If you run into a suspicion of water damage in your home, call the professionals of SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville at 905-864-9544

Drying mats on hardwood floor

Wash sink overflow!

When a laundry sink was left unattended, disaster struck.  The laundry room was on the second floor, and leaked through the hardwood, to the first floor and basement, creating extensive damage.  SERVPRO of Milton and North Oakville was on site with equipment within just 3 hours, to begin remediation services.

Two SERVPRO Crew Members Wearing PPE

Donning Proper PPE Is For The Safety of The Workers

Gone are the days when workers would try to show off to each other how tough they are through unsafe work habits, or that unscrupulous employers would try to take advantage of workers in order to save a few bucks, to make more profit on a job.

At SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville, safety must always come first. This is for the protection of the workers, the business, and the customers.

We always make sure that our employees have all of the necessary PPE to ensure their safety is at the top of the priority list.  

Call us to get your job done efficiently and SAFELY!

Assorted Canadian Banknotes

Good Restoration Will Save You Money

Filing insurance claims for the small stuff is counter-productive. It is understandable that a property owner puts thousands and thousands of dollars into their insurance protection over the years and would want to get a little back when something happens.

Insurance Is For The Big Stuff

Many insurance companies now have a rule-of-thumb that if a homeowner has more than 2 claims in a ten year period, they will lose coverage and be forced into the secondary (high-risk) market. Should this happen to you, your premiums could go through the roof!

At SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville, we have payment plans available, OAC, to help you spread out the payments and make it affordable so you don't have to risk your insurance ratings.

A Boy Standing Next to A Man In Front of a Robot

SERVPRO Sponsor/Owner Bradley Cook With Team-Member Alec Pictured With Robot 4976

We were pleased and honoured to sponsor the REVOLT Robotics team 4976 on the road to FIRST World Championship quarter finals, held in Detroit Michigan.

REVOLT Robotics Team 4976 is the first robitics team out of Georgetown, Ontario!  They have been to several competitions now, including Waterloo, Ontario and not in Detroit, Michigan!

We are so proud of this team, and can not wait to see where this will take them in the future years.  Being able to watch them and receive their updates has been truly amazing! 

For more information on FIRST robotics available here:

View of Pub With Stacks of Chairs and Assorted Contents

Sewage Damage to the Basement of a Local Pub

A local pub in Oakville, Ontario experienced a sewage backup in the basement. The odours were very strong and leading to a negative customer experience. We were able to control the odours through proper containment procedures so that the pub could safely continue operations during remediation. We discovered that the sewage pump was no longer working, and had it replaced.

The owners of the pub were very pleased, and kept this great place running seamlessly throughout the process.  

If you need odour eliminated in your establishment, please give us a call, we will make it "Like it never even happened."


An Office With Desks, A Green Hose Leading Behind Orange Poly Containment

Proper Containment Allows An Office To Remain Functional After a Sewage Backup

A local office in Milton, Ontario, experienced a sewage backup. Through proper environmental controls, we were able to prevent odours and contaminants from affecting office staff during the remediation process.

By setting up a proper containment, sectioning off the affected area, it allowed our crew to go in to do the remediation process, without having to shut down the business, therefore causing the company to take a loss in revenue due to down time.

SERVPRO of Milton and North Oakville was able to go in and make it "Like it never even happened."

If you run in to any issues like this, do not hesitate to give us a call!


Hard-Wall Hoarding With Entry Chamber In a Corridor

Our Expertise In Hard-Wall Hoarding With Atmospheric Controls In a Healthcare Facility

A local healthcare facility experienced a sewage backup in a critical patient area.  They called in our team at SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville. We created a zone with atmospheric controls to prevent cross-contamination. Patient care was able to safely continue during the remediation, restoration, and reconstruction processes.

All of our technicians are highly trained in setting up proper containments, as well as which chemicals are safe to use in specific situations.  

For any residential or commercial restoration needs, call SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville to get the job done properly and safely, "Like it never even happened."

You can contact us at 905-864-9544.

Drying Equipment Placed on Hardwood Floor

With a timely response, SERVPRO has great success saving hardwood floors from water damage

We were called out to a local 19th century farmhouse with hardwood floors, in Oakville, Ontario. With a quick response and specialized drying equipment, we were able to save the hardwood floor, which may have needed to be completely replaced otherwise.

Our team at SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville was there within just an hour of receiving the call, to begin extraction before the water caused too much damage.  With our top of the line drying equipment, this beautiful home was able to be saved, and the original wood floors preserved for many more years to come.

Nothing makes us happier than happy customers!

Water Damaged Drywall Removed From Basement Wall

Basement Water Damage Requires Prompt Remediation

A faulty sump pump lead to significant damage to a basement in Campbellville, Ontario. SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville personnel were able to get in quickly, extract the water, remove damaged materials, dry the structure, and save the extensive contents stored in the basement.  If this had not been done in such a timely manner, most of the families contents would have been destroyed.

Timing is an essential part of the restoration industry.  Every minute counts when water damage is involved to be able to restore contents to their original state.  That is why SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville is a 24-hour emergency service company.

SERVPRO Truck Outside Flood Damaged Homes

SERVPRO Went to Windsor to Help With Citywide Flood Damage

SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville personnel on-site to help with flood damaged homes in Windsor after a city-wide flood occurred.  We were proud to be able to assist another SERVPRO franchise in this time of need and chaos.

For over 50 years, SERVPRO has been one of the number 1 first responders to natural disasters.

We are only just a phone call away in a devastating situation like this, to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville is a 24-hour emergency response company.

You can contact us at 905-864-9544.

Raw Sewage In a Finished Basement

Severe Storm Damage Caused Massive Sewage Backup In a Local Neighbourhood

A severe storm microburst overloaded a neighbourhood sewage system, leading to sewage backups in hundreds of homes. Sewage levels in this basement rose to as much as 18 inches before receding. SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville personnel provided emergency mitigation services quickly and efficiently.  With all of our crews dispersed around the area, and calling in for assistance from other SERVPRO franchises, we were able to save these homes, and also complete the rebuilds of any affected areas, wherever necessary.

SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville is a 24-hour emergency response company.

We can be reached at 905-864-9544.

Chemical Sponges Removing Soot From Furnishings

Specialized Products Help Restore Soot Damaged Furniture

A residential gas explosion lead to extensive soot damage to the contents throughout a home. SERVPRO of Milton and North Oakville personnel were on-site to inventory, clean, pack-out, and move all contents.

containment set up in home

Don't let it spread!

SERVPRO takes the time to build a containment when doing a mould remediation to ensure the microbial substances do not spread to the other areas in the home or business.

Our Equipment Use

Here at SERVPRO Milton and North Oakville we carry a verity of drying equipment to help save the inside of homes after storm damage!

Sometimes is it not always possible to save some materials from having to be ripped up and thrown away! However we carry dehumidifiers, air movers, and multiple other equipment to work with to do our best!

This equipment is placed directly on floors and it is vacuumed sealed to help soak the water that is within the wood, between the wood and potentially underneath!

At this specific job we were able to save all the flooring without having to rip out and replace any!

Don't get stuck in a storm

Sometimes it happens and we are left standing in a storm and we forgot our umbrella or some sort of plan B! Don't let that happen to you! Plan a plan B. if a storm were to damage your property, or flood your house, what would you do? Who or What comes to your mind first?


We all famous or stacking our cupboards with cleaning supplies and other supplies underneath our sinks. Sometimes those supplies can leak without us realising and can be the food source to microbial growth!

We suggest giving it a wipe down every so often to avoid having this problem and it GROW into a bigger problem!

SERVPRO Drying Equipment

A toilet in a commercial bathroom backed up. The water poured onto the tile floor and manage to find its way into the file room! SERVPRO was able to dry everything out, and make it "Like it never happened."

Fence Fire Cleanup

An auto fire in Mississauga damaged a fence and yard contents. Here our crew is on-site performing the cleanup. We were able to clean everything that was damage and get prepared for the rebuild!

Scholarship Award

SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville is please to award Raimi Simpson our first ever scholarship. Raimi used to work for us as a part-time after school student. Raimi is off to university to start the next phase of his life. Way to go Raimi!

Front view of work van

Ready to Roll

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well, the tough crew at SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville operate 24/7, so we're ready to go whenever disaster strikes, even if you're not!  All of our vehicles are equipped with all of the necessary supplies to get us on the road as quickly as possible, to ensure your needs get met, and to make it "Like it never even happened."  

For any questions as to what SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville can do for you, give us a call anytime at 905-864-9544. 

Disaster Response in the GTA

Feb. 2015 - "Erik Olson of the SERVPRO Disaster Response Team introducing our capabilities to the local franchisees. Behind Eric can be seen a 53' tractor-trailer loaded with enough SERVPRO equipment to dry up to 30 sites simultaneously."

Faucet Burst in En Suite Washroom, Whitby ONT

Just before Christmas, water from an upstairs washroom affected hardwood in two upper level bedrooms, and affected walls, ceilings and floors on the both the main level and in the finished basement. We were able to save the hardwood saving significant disruption to family life during the Holidays and completed restoration shortly thereafter.

SERVPRO in Downtown Oakville

SERVPRO got a call to downtown oakville and we were able to make it in no time. We are available 24 hours a day! 7 days a weeks. Don't ever hesitate to call!

SERVPRO in Streetsville

SERVPRO of Milton and North Oakville on the site of a fire (not pictured) that occurred in Streetsville, ON. We were able to help the company begin the first steps by beginning the restoration.

See Green? Think Clean!

Our arsenal of cleaning equipment is sufficient to take care of all your household and commercial needs. Whether it is water, fire, or mould damage, rest assured that SERVPRO has got you covered. See Green? Think Clean!

Our Equipment, YOUR Benefit!

One of our SERVPRO crew members cleaning out a CAM Pro Centrifugal Air Mover. We like to make sure our equipment is in tiptop shape so we can serve our customers better. After all, our goal is to make your disaster "Like it never even happened"!

SERVPRO's got you covered!

Need stress relief? No problem, SERVPRO's got you covered. On top of the repair services we provide for water, fire, and mould damage, we've got disaster recovery teams strategically positioned relieve your stresses should a disaster strike near you. Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are prepared for the unpredictable.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

One of our crew members servicing a REVOLUTION Dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers play a crucial part in the water damage restoration process by removing water retained by building materials and other hard to access moisture. This can help to prevent secondary water damage like swelling and warping of floors, walls, and furniture. Learn more about the water damage restoration process here.

Mould Containment

Our professionals use various containment procedures to prevent the spread of mould. We may use advanced containment procedures like negative air chambers to isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep the mould spores from spreading during the cleanup process. All fans and heating and cooling systems will be turned off to prevent the spread of mould. Learn more about our mould remediation and removal process here.