Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Toilet supply line burst in Milton, ON

When a toilet supply line busted in a second floor bathroom of a century home, it didn't only affect that one room. The water leaked through the floor and drip... READ MORE

Water damage in Milton, Ontario

When a local resident frantically called us at 2am due to the toilet water supply line busting in her second floor washroom, we were quick to respond and get th... READ MORE

Kitchen Flood Destroyed Cabinetry

A young bridegroom had just purchased a home in Milton and was preparing to move in with his new wife in the coming weeks, when he discovered a leak from the ki... READ MORE

Kitchen Upgrade

A broken toilet in the second story of this Mississauga home lead to flooding which caused damage to the upstairs master bathroom, the main floor kitchen, and t... READ MORE

Sewage Leaking Into Wall Cavity, Milton ON

The homeowner had recently purchased the home, but later noticed a wet wall. Upon further investigation, they learned that the seller had upgraded the washroom ... READ MORE

Water Damage to Closets in Burlington, ON

There was an old leak in an upper level floor in a rural area of Burlington, which caused rotting and significant water damage to the walk in closets in the mas... READ MORE