Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Covid Cleanup

After the news that a local company had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in their office, our team quickly got to work to make their workspace safe once again. Our... READ MORE

Drug Cleanup

What happens to cars that have been identified as a bio-hazard with needles and/or drugs found in them? Well, the simple answer- you call us! When we get a call... READ MORE

Carpet removal in commercial office

This office space in Milton, Ontario originally had carpets throughout each individual space. As office staff kept smelling a very musty smell, they pulled up ... READ MORE

Sweage backup in Oakville, Ontario

The following photos depict the extent of damage that can be cause by a backup in a commercial bathroom, caused by a clog in a pipe from debris that should not ... READ MORE

Toilet over flow!

One of our local businesses called us with a concern. One of their employee washrooms had over flown on to the tile floor in the bathroom. The water soaked thro... READ MORE

Environmental Spill Cleanup

We had been contacted by a US-based commercial carrier to help with the cleanup of one of their vehicles. Upon arrival at the cross-dock warehouse in Milton, we... READ MORE